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Reservation form DISOROJO

1. For each boarding reservation with Boarding Kennel Disorojo we draw up a reservation contract. You will receive a copy of this filled out contract. On this form you find the full name and address of Pet’s Kennel Disorojo and your own address details, information about breed, gender, age and special characteristics of your pet, the duration of the stay and the price per day to be paid by you. The reservation form, signed by you, is considered to be the confirmation of the boarding agreement.

2. The cost of care, nutrition and board are included in the stated price per day. For grooming your pet or cutting its nails there we will charge you an additional one euro per day.

3. The rate for boarding must be paid in full before the pet is checked in.

4. Should you collect your pet earlier than agreed, we are entitled to charge the remaining days of the agreed boarding at the agreed cost per day.If you and your pet do not show on the agreed arrival date, we will consider the agreement as terminated. In that case you still have to pay the full amount of the agreed boarding price.

5. If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, we will charge you 50% of the agreed boarding price. For cancellation earlier than 14 days previous to the boarding, there will be no charge. However, if during the summer months of July and August you need to cancel with less than 14 days to go until the start of your pets stay, you will not receive a refund.

6. If you do not pay the agreed full boarding price in time, we are entitled to have you pay for legal and collection charges with a minimum of 250 euros.

7. We request to bring your pet to our kennel on time, with two persons at most.When you bring your pet it should be on a short lead and keep away from our other boarding guests. This is to prevent the other guests to become overexcited.Make sure that the dog has been walked, so that it doesn’t foul the parking space or road. You must bring the following:
- Medication (if needed) and the dose of administration
- Special (diet) food
- Basket or something similar, something familiar, nothing new
- The full name and address of your veterinarian. This could be useful for our own veterinarian so he can consult yours.

8. Based on this agreement we are bound to feed, board and take proper care of your pet. We will consider - if and as much as possible – all your reasonable wishes concerning the care and board of your pet.

9. If your pet has not had the proper vaccinations in time, we will refuse to board your pet. You are still obliged to pay the agreed boarding price in full. The necessary vaccinations have been administered at least 2 weeks before boarding with us, but never earlier than 11 months prior to boarding with us. You need to bring your pet’s proof of vaccination / passport as proof that your pet has been vaccinated in time. These documents will remain with Disorojo for the duration of the pet’s stay, this for inspection reasons. The documents will be returned to you when you collect your pet. The required vaccinations for every dog are:
(extensive cocktail vaccination) Kennel cough nose spray (Bordertella:active/inactivated). This is not a standard cocktail vaccination.
Parvovirosis alive (weakened)
Canine influenza
Liver disease

10. We urgently request to give your pet a treatment against – possible – flees a few days prior to boarding. If we suspect that your pet has not been given that treatment by mistake, we will do it. For this flee treatment we will charge 8,75 euros. If you can prove that your pet did get the required flee treatment, we will of course abstain from giving the treatment ourselves. You are aware that, in spite of the valid vaccinations, your dog may contract kennel cough or some virus. The cost of medication and veterinarian consultation will be for you.

11. By signing this agreement you authorize us to, after consultation with a veterinarian, administer sedatives to your pet if that is considered advisable or necessary. If we must administer this necessary medication and/or (nutrition) additives, we will charge 50 eurocents per day.

12. We will never become the owner of your pet, even if you have not collected your pet at the agreed time. Of course we will charge the agreed amount per day for the longer stay. If you have not collected your pet seven days after the agreed time of collecting, we can take your pet to a pet shelter. We will charge you the cost, within reason.

13. At the end of the board we will inform you about the suspected or possibly contracted, treated illness or affection during the board of your pet. You authorize us to, during your pet’s stay with us, to consult a veterinarian and take the necessary measures advised by the veterinarian. We will charge you with the cost.

14. You are obliged to hand us all the necessary information and papers that are necessary for good boarding and care of your pet at Pet Kennel DisorojoYou are responsible for any damage resulting from giving incorrect information or documents regarding your pet.

15. In the sad case of your pet’s death during its stay with us, should there be reason to do so, we can order an independent autopsy. The costs will be for you.

16. We are responsible for the damage you might suffer resulting from us disregarding our duties stated in this agreement. We are not responsible for damage caused by unforeseen circumstances or in case the damage is not caused by us. We will inform you of the damage as soon as possible.

17. You are obliged to hand us, before boarding your cat(s), proof of vaccination against cat disease and cat flu, administered by means if injection, and any other statutory required vaccination. This vaccination may not be older than 11 months and must have been administered by your veterinarian at least two weeks before boarding. We urgently advise, especially in the busy summer period, to have your veterinarian administer a nose spray injection to your cat. This is the Bordertella drop method, an extra vaccination against cat flu. This vaccination deals with a different stem from the stem that is dealt with in the usual, annual vaccination. It is not compulsory, but strongly recommended. You must ask your veterinarian especially for this vaccination. This vaccination may not be older than 11 months and must have been administered by your veterinarian at least two weeks before boarding.

18. The vaccinations have been administered preferably between 2 weeks and 6 months prior to boarding, but never earlier than 11 months before boarding. Please look in your vaccination papers. If necessary you can pay your veterinarian an extra visit for the comfort of your own pet and of the other pets. Please be aware of the fact that, in spite of the valid vaccinations, your cat may contract cat flu or some virus. The cost of medication and veterinarian consultation will be for you.

19. You yourself are liable for the consequences if we experience damage as a result of the non-disclosure of data or the provision of incorrect data about the host animal, unless this cannot be attributed to you. If we suffer damage due to a host animal being aggressive, for example due to attacks or bite wounds, then you as the owner of the host animal are liable for this.

20. If we do not comply with one or more duties stated in the boarding agreement, we are liable for maximum 250 euros. Undersigned declares that the animal is healthy on the day of arrival at Disorojo and has not suffered from any contagious diseases. He/she accepts the terms stated in the Disorojo agreement.