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Animalhotel DISOROJO is your accommodation for your dog.

Your loyal friend in a Boarding Kennel? Why?

Maybe you would like to go on vacation, you must unexpectedly be admitted to hospital, your house is being refurbished, you are in the middle of a move, you have to go on a business trip or you are in another situation in which you cannot look after your dog for some time. Now we have a great solution. You can take your dog to DISOROJO Pet Boarding Kennel in Steenbergen.

DISOROJO Cattery and Pet Boarding Kennel was newly built and meets the latest demands and standards required by the government and Dog Act. Every dog has its own spacious accommodation, so your dog will not board with another dog in one kennel. Your dog’s kennel is 4m deep and 3m wide. The kennel has a heated indoor space and ample space to play outside. Every kennel has a window overlooking the polder. We walk your dog(s) 3 times a day.

Your dog has ample opportunity to play with other dogs. We have organized our kennels in such a way that we have created optimal hygienic circumstances.


Of course a dog may fall ill, just as it may happen at home. But by regular monitoring by the veterinarian of Dierenartsenpraktijk Steenbergen, this will be reduced to a minimum.


We work with dogs that are usually very precious to their owners. That is why we set high demands concerning nutrition, safety, hygiene and health care. We put in a lot of effort and time to realize this. Customers expect us to continue this during the stay of their pets in our Boarding Kennel.

Before the pet comes to us we find it important that you can have a look at the kennel to see where your dog will stay. Therefore you can have a look around using our viditour. You can click here to have a look inside.

In our reservationform you can tell us details and wishes for your dog. We can discuss any requests and regulations.

We will also arrange the time of dropping off and picking up your dog. If you don’t show up with your pet(s) at the arranged date and time, we will consider the contract (written or oral) annulled. In that case, we will charge you with the full board. (In case of late payment in full by you, we are entitled to charge you with all judicial and extrajudicial costs of collection with a minimum of € 250,00)

Arrival at DISOROJO

Always pay good attention to your dog. Make sure that your dog is well walked and doesn’t foul the parking spaces or the road.

We recommend to always bring something familiar to the pet, eg a favourite toy, blanket or basket in which the animal likes to lie and/or sleep. This way your pet has something familiar with him in a new and strange environment. Don’t bring anything new as your dog may destroy it and we will have to throw it away. Your pet’s coat, ears, etc. are always examined to give us a first impression. Once the animal is in his accommodation and before you pay, we will discuss (if it has not been done) what time you will come and pick up your pet. Please take ample time for this, so that we have plenty of time to discuss your pet’s stay.

Furthermore we would like to ask you not to bring the dog with many people. We kindly ask you to keep your dog on a lead and keep him away from the other guests to minimize any excitement. In that way our guests will be disturbed as little as possible.


You can do us and the other guests a great service by making sure that you bring a fully vaccinated guest. Required vaccinations for your dog are:
- Kennel Cough (nose spray vaccination)
- Big cocktail: Parvo virosis, Dog Flu, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Liver Disease.

The vaccinations were given preferably more than two weeks before boarding and less than six months with a maximum of 1 year. Please check the vaccination papers and if necessary pay an extra visit to your veterinarian so make sure that your own pet and all other animals are well.

Vaccination papers

Please take the vaccination papers with you every time your dog boards with us. The papers stay with us and will be returned to you at the end of the board with us. This is important in case we are inspected.


You do not need to bring any food for your dog. We feed the dogs Dog Champ in amounts according to the owner’s wishes. As a treat he will get a dog biscuit after his walk.

Picking up your dog

Don’t be disappointed when your dog is quiet and sleeps a lot. Your dog has had a nice holiday and got many impressions, which have made him tired. At home he can recover from all the impressions, just like you.

We wish your pet a quiet and a pleasant stay and thank you for your interest, cooperation and trust. On behalf of Boarding Kennel DISOROJO Corne and Esther van Nijnatten - Roosendaal and all the dogs and cats of DISOROJO: Hope to see you soon!

We will do everything we can do to make sure that your pet is comfortable and safe with us!


Dropping off and picking up your dog is allowed for a maximum of 2 people at the same time. This is to prevent the other dogs from becoming uneasy or stressed. It is not allowed to touch or stroke the other dogs / cats for the risk of spreading possible illnesses.