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Hello, welcome to our website. My name is Esther van Nijnatten and together with my husband Corné we represent Pet Boarding Kennel DISOROJO.

DISOROJO Pet Boarding Kennel can offer you a reliable and caring holiday address for your cat, dog or rodent. Cats or dogs of the same owner will always stay together in the same kennel and will never be separated by us. The administration of medication etc. is no problem for us. We will gladly do this. Of course you need to bring the medication and diet food if necessary.

DISOROJO stands for: Dixie, Sophie, Robbie and Joris. These are the 4 cats everything started with.

Using the menu on top, you can navigate through all the information on our website. Would you like to have a look inside to see where your pet is going to stay with us, than you can have a look around using our viditour. Click here to see inside.

Click here for more information about our Cat Boarding Kennel.

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We hope we can welcome your pet as our guest soon! 

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